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Filipino kids as young as 7 are being sexually abused by their parents and sold for sex to paedophiles from the West.We follow an undercover team trying to infiltrate this murky world and stop the abuse of children.The farms will be co-located on the 1619-hectare Crow Mountain Road property, known as .Council's Director of Planning, Jackie Kruger, says the applications that make up the -million proposal were submitted by chicken meat producer, Baiada, on the morning of Christmas Eve.

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But Land and Environment Court Commissioner Susan Dixon said the development was "acceptable on its merits" and granted conditional approval.

Our film crew embeds with a team who has spent two years deep undercover trying to catch a pair of sisters, who advertised sex with their own children to foreign paedophiles.

To infiltrate the families Mike*, a special agent for the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) arm of US Customs, poses as a paedophile online.

Surely it's an indication of serious problems in the countries where the customers come from, which are more affluent and should have more respect for human dignity' Child prostitution and baby smuggling are the themes of a BBC drama filmed in the Philippines.

Stephen Vines finds art and life mingling uneasily on the streets of the capital The children at the Bahay Tuluyan street child- ren centre in Malate, Manila's former red light district, studiously ignore a middle-aged, Western male visitor.

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