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Firstly it let you build a pre-configured installer package which would include the settings telling Mac clients how to get updates, and secondly it would automatically update this install and folder, it would also put in this folder new anti-virus definitions.You would therefore normally have this folder on a Mac file server and have the installer package and hence client Macs configured to get updates from this folder.It appears that uninstalling the old version of the Sophos Enterprise Console, also removed several AD Groups, and possibly the account we used for updating.My first port or call was the Sophos KB67106 article, in this case we have the Sophos Enterprise Console running on a DC, but no “Sophos Full Administrators” group existed.Sophos have provided a Mac version of their Anti-Virus software for a long time and uniquely also used to provide a Mac tool for providing an internal corporate deployment and update service for this.This tool was called 'Sophos Update Manager' (SUM) it did two things.I have Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, which includes Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC).I'm currently running version 4.5 of SEC, which is an older version.

After doing some research on 0x80070534, it took me to Sophos KB14509 article, I noticed here that the “Sophos Console Administrators” group was missing, so I created this as a Domain Local group in AD and added my administrator account.

Has anyone else run across this problem or know why it is happening? That will "pre-populate" the update location & credentials before the endpoint communicates with the Enterprise Console.

Also FWIW, all Sophos endpoint licenses include standard 24/7/365 support via telephone and email.

Licensing – Xen App/Xen Desktop Platinum Edition licensing is required.

Features – CTX224231 Session Recording: Features by Version.

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