Protected sub gridview1rowupdating dating caution

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i have a simplest code.its working fine if I run it as just Dotnet simple webpage.

but when i use this code in Visual Web Part it react in other way.. I m making CRUD operation on Grid View when I am clicking on Update button it should call the Grid View1_Row Updating Event but it is calling Grid View1_Row Editing what should be called in clicking of Edit Button.

(I am giving the value of 'Id' field in 'oniteminserting' event.) 2/ Problem is - 'Page Title' field is not updating at the time updating data. Thus the value of 'Page Title' is not storing in the database.

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I define them like so (the 2nd one has smaller size dimensions, but that's the only difference): Private Sub Bind Grid() Dim ds As New Data Set ds.

Table Header End Sub Private Sub Bind Grid() Dim ds As New Data Set ds.

Grid View Updated Event Args) The error comes out in an opposite way: Error 1 Method 'Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updated(sender As Object, e As System.

Grid View Updated Event Args)' does not have the same signature as delegate 'Delegate Sub Event Handler(sender As Object, e As System. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Web Site1\Customer It really drive me mad!

protected sub gridview1rowupdating-2

All the filed value are properly inserted in my MS SQL Server database. New Values["Page Title"] is not providing new value in 'onitemupdating' event. Can anyone say - how can I fix this problem and why e. Net) developers faced a problem when they want to implement edit functionality within a Grid View. The problem is developers can not understand how to populate or bind data into Drop Down List within the Grid View in Edit Mode. Now first Bind or Load the Grid View Control: C# Code: Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System. Load If Not Is Post Back Then Bind Grid View() End If End Sub Private Sub Bind Grid View() Dim dt As Data Table Dim SQL As String = "SELECT P. Keep in mind in every event we need to rebind the Grid View Note: Don’t forget to add “System. Open() Using da As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(comm) dt = New Data Table("tbl") da. Open() Using da As New Sql Data Adapter(comm) dt = New Data Table("tbl") da.

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