Archaeology dating coins

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The researchers concluded that almost all of the black swans now living in New Zealand are descended from swans brought from Australia in the 1860s.The native swans also arrived from Australia, but between one and two million years ago.When floods came in 1908, its remaining pieces were used to help build a levee.

Japanese scientist Fusya Miyake had previously used ancient tree rings to identify an unusual spike in radiocarbon activity at A. 775, which she concluded was caused by a violent solar storm. Now Oxford University scientists Michael Dee and Benjamin Pope hope to search the dendrochronological record for similar spikes.

The television series, Game of Thrones , based on George R. Martin’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire , has been praised for its gritty realism and epic storyline. The fort dates back to the time of Alfred the Great...

Science Mag reports that the ancient Canaanites were not exterminated, as the Hebrew Bible suggests, but instead they survived and went on to become modern-day Lebanese, as the first study to analyze...

reports that New Zealand’s native black swans were hunted to extinction by Polynesians in the fifteenth century.

Nic Rawlence of the University of Otago Palaeogenetics Laboratory and his team compared the skeletons of living birds and fossilized swan remains, and examined DNA samples of the birds.

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