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dgd Eligible Files contains a list of files & file info, and a checkbox column - if a row is checked, the file it represents is "assigned" to the selected row in dgd Applications (a row/application in dgd Applications may have many files assigned to it). If "Yes", I want to proceed with dgd Applications_Mouse Click on the new row, which will do the following: clear the checkboxes in dgd Eligible Files, retrieve the list of files for the newly selected app in dgd Applications, and update checked/selected values in the underlying list bound to dgd Eligible Files (followed by dgd Eligible Files. My problem: When the messagebox is displayed in dgd Applications.If a user has altered his assignments in dgd Eligible Files (checked/unchecked one/more rows) without clicking the Save button at form-bottom, and then clicks another row in dgd Applications, I currently use dgd Applications_Row Validating to pop a messagebox and verify that the user wants to proceed to the newly-selected application/row without saving changes. Row Validating and the user chooses "Yes" to continue (abandoning changes in dgd Eligible Files and going to the new row in dgd Applications), dgd Applications_Mouse Click does not get executed and nothing changes in dgd Eligble Files. When I put break points in both the Row Validating and Mouse Click event handlers, I never see Mouse Click execute - I only see Row Validating.Click on this triangle to select the data source that was created for you when you ran the Data Source Conversion Wizard. You can use the Error Provider class to display the problems detected during validation.

From inside the Form Designer, you should see a very small triangle at the upper right-hand corner of the Data Grid View control. For example, if the Units On Hand column can never be a negative number,you could write a validating rule that looks to see if the value is negative prior to committing the changes to that row. Note: The Data Grid View control inherits both the Control. Context Menu Strip properties from Control, but supports only the Control. Adjusts the height of the column headers based on changes to the contents of the header in the specified column, optionally calculating the height with the expectation that the column and/or row header widths will subsequently be adjusted. For more information, see Differences Between the Windows Forms Data Grid View and Data Grid Controls. Context Menu property with the Data Grid View control has no effect. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the height of the column headers is adjustable and whether it can be adjusted by the user or is automatically adjusted to fit the contents of the headers. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the width of the row headers is adjustable and whether it can be adjusted by the user or is automatically adjusted to fit the contents of the headers.I'm not sure how you delete them from here though as again they still have not been added to the dataset and it threw an exception in the quick test I did.A better alternative would be to use the Row Validated event if its available as the row at this point has been added to the dataset/datasource.

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