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Do you think Barry and Patty would make a good couple?

Since Barry and Patty both works for the Central City Police Department, the 30-year-old "The Messengers" actress said that the two will also grow closer to one another as they work together on crime scenes. Light Arrives On Earth-One In Episode 5 When asked if Patty will eventually find out about Barry being The Flash, Van Santen told EW: "I actually don't know. Personally, I'm sure that secret will eventually have to come out.

I went from thinking I wanted to be a nun at one point, to going to college for journalism!

I was involved in the arts and theater from early on, but it wasn't until I took an acting class when I was 17 that I realized how passionate I felt about it.

Ryan Phillippe's recent accident on the set of Shooter will cause delays in the Season 2 production according to Deadline.

The actor was injured in an off-set accident this past weekend, and likely in light of the recent tragedy to hit the set of In the Season 1 finale of Shooter, America's greatest sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) thought he could finally go into peaceful retirement with his family after foiling the plot to frame him for assassinating the Ukrainian president.

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