Snoop dogg and britney spears dating

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Old friends Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will debut their odd-couple cooking show on VH1 next month, but if you want to see a preview of their chemistry, just check out these clips from Wednesday's "Ellen." The duo kicked things off with some practical (and boozy) tips for an evening's entertainment — then they moved on to something even more entertaining.RELATED: Watch the hilarious trailer for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's cooking show All three celebs were quick to raise their "I have" paddles when Ellen De Generes asked them if they'd ever sexted. All to show how lethal yet irresistibly alluring she can be.Britney Spears has released an impressive 42 music videos over the course of her career that featured an even larger number of video boys, hot backup dancers, and male celebrities alike.

), it feels like the perfect time to look back at her iconic music video offerings and see how she—and we—have grown through the years."...

From glossy pop videos and outrageous dance moves to custody battles and public meltdowns, there's no denying Britney has lived. After meeting at the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1990s, Britters and Justin went on to become one of the most-adored showbiz couples on the planet.

We round up the US pop star's most unforgettable moments from over the years... Baby One More Time’s iconic midriff-flashing school uniform. More than ten years have past since they split, but we’re still rooting for a romantic reunion.

It’s 2017, and although my crush on Britney Spears is a lot smaller now than it was when I first heard her say “oh baby baby” while holding a basketball in the 1999 music video “Baby One More Time,” I have to admit, watching the 35-year old MILF awkwardly shoot and celebrate a free throw on her twitter account this morning had me saying, “oh baby baby, she’s still hot!

” It also had me taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about some of my other favorites from 1999.

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