Skinhead dating service

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Seit September 2016 Mitglied der Wirtschaftsredaktion von SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Maksim Martsinkevich, known as "Tesak" or "flick knife" by his comrades, does his best to look respectable with hip, frameless glasses on his profile on the Russian social network

"Greetings, my young friends of extremism," Martsinkevich begins his videos, in which he lures gay men to apartments on dates and then abuses them.

Among his favored routines is forcing victims to kneel before him naked as he shaves off their hair and paints a rainbow flag on their scalps.

In just a matter of days he had fully submitted Steve. Added: 08-Feb-2003 The thought of a blind date excited me.

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A Russian neo-Nazi who films attacks on gay men and posts the clips on social networks has a growing following and encourages others to imitate his methods.

It was far removed from any fascist beliefs that were later adopted – and that is exactly what Tia discovered during her project.

She said: “I walked away completely in shock really because you walk into a pub full of skinheads and might initially think it’s quite intimidating but I have never felt so welcomed before in my life.” Tia worked closely with the Hereford Scooter Club and was full of praise for her amateur models.

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